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Host A Hero Hut Tent

We're looking for event organizers and venues to help us provide a safe and fun space for our community to network and access resources.

What It Means To Have Hero Hut At Your Event

Our Reach

Our presence at local and national events provides veterans and first responders:

  • A welcoming space to relax​

  • Snacks and drinks

  • The ability to meet other people in their community

  • Local services and resources to help them transition to civilian life


Our Impact

We partner with a wide range of Veteran Service Organizations and Government Agencies to provide maximum impact in one place. Those services typically include:

  • Veteran Affairs

  • Mental Health

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Disability Benefits

  • Service Animals

  • Education & Workshops

  • Recreational Activities

  • And More!

How Hero Hut Can Help Your Event

  • Flexibility: Our community area can adjust to any size of space available

  • Partnerships: We can host or find sponsors to provide free food and beverages to our guest

  • Event Organization: We can organize Military Appreciation Days, offer free or discounted tickets for our community, plan special events or activities, and provide volunteers.

  • Loyalty: We attract a tight-knit community that will likely be active, loyal patrons to your event year after year.

How You Can Help Hero Hut At Your Event

  • Provide us with a space at your event for free, at a discounted rate, or provide corporate sponsors to cover the cost of the space

  • Help us get sponsorships through organizations you work with

  • Provide value to our audience by offering free admission or other benefits

Hero Hut at PGA Tour in Kentucky


Want to bring Hero Hut to an event near you? Contact us to host a hut near you!

Thanks for contacting us! We will reach out to you shortly.

We Need Your Support Today!

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