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Sponsor A Hero Hut

We are always looking for sponsors and donors for each of our events, so we are able to provide a welcoming space for veterans and first responders.

Why Sponsor Hero Hut?

Our Reach

Our presence at local and national events provides veterans and first responders a tight-knit community that will likely be active, loyal patrons of your brand if they feel supported by you. A sponsorship helps provide:

  • A welcoming space to relax​

  • Snacks and drinks

  • The ability to meet other people in their community

  • Local services and resources to help them transition to civilian life


Our Impact

We partner with a wide range of Veteran Service Organizations and Government Agencies to provide maximum impact in one place. Those services typically include:

  • Veteran Affairs

  • Mental Health

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Disability Benefits

  • Service Animals

  • Education & Workshops

  • Recreational Activities

  • And More!

Sponsorship Options


We are very flexible with each event, but below are a few opportunities we provide:

  • Tent signage and on-site branding

  • Food & beverages provided by your brand

  • Raffles or auctions of your merchandise

  • Entertainment

  • Family-friendly activities

  • Media coverage during the event

  • Branding on our website and social media (always included)

Additional ways to help include:

  • Committing to an annual donation or sponsorship

  • Adding a monthly donation option to your payroll

  • Purchasing a $2,500 Regional Kit for your area

  • Funding a project or operational costs

  • Submitting a one-time donation in the amount of your choice


Interested in sponsoring one of our events? We would love to work with you!

Thanks for contacting us! We will reach out to you shortly.

Milwaukee Irish Fest 2021
Hero Hut at Final Round
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2021
Hero Hut Tent at Club Car Championship
Hero Hut Sign
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2021
Hero Hut Tent
Hero Hut Blood Drive

We Need Your Support Today!

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