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Who We Are

Our Mission

Building community for veterans and first responders through collaborative spaces at events nationwide.


Our Vision


To strengthen the greater veteran and first responder community by establishing our community areas at events nationwide, and bringing together organizations that provide resources and support to those who have served.

Our Values


Community drives us towards a sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. It allows us to connect and be there for each other. Community enables a group to share resources, help those in need, and collectively accomplish or overcome obstacles that would otherwise be more challenging alone.


We believe in promoting our partner Veteran Support Organizations! With MANY amazing organizations that exist today, too often, their message struggles to reach their target audience or their neighboring support organizations are unaware of their services. We believe that together we can make a lasting change on many of the issues plaguing the veteran community.

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We believe that service for veterans does not have to stop after the military. It can and should continue after the transition to civilian life. Service is a contributing factor to being a part of something bigger than ourselves and key to community.


We value professionalism in all our efforts, from fundraising to volunteering at local events. Living by the golden rule of treating others how we want to be treated, respect is essential in establishing and maintaining a supportive environment for our veterans and volunteers.


We strive to tackle Veteran issues by reaching out to the strengths of our partners and feedback from our communities. We are a part of a larger mission that is shared amongst many other organizations and without those organizations, we cannot succeed, regardless of our own

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